James & Muriel

Beautiful watches with a modern aesthetic


In 2016, My friend from University and avid watch enthusiast, Princewill, called me and told me about starting a watch brand, designing unique timepieces of the highest quality, and selling them online. With our emphasis on sound, essential design, we aimed to make the simple, everyday act of checking the time a little more delightful and magical.

We started sketching up some ideas, and after more than 2 years of designing, sourcing materials, and prototyping, we successfully launched our first watch, The TimeKeeper, on Kickstarter.


Art Direction
Industrial Design
Website Design


2019 - present

Brand and Identity

We wanted a clean, modern brand that appealed to the taste of the watch community but also captured the attention of anyone interested in good, minimal design and well-made objects





Product Visualizations

We created several sketches and renderings of the design, tweaking it up until we were satisfied with the outcome.

Packaging Explorations

We thought very deeply about the product packaging as we wanted the end to end experience to be consistent, eco-friendly, elegant, and of high quality. We prototyped the packaging, iterating with our manufacturing partners until we arrived at a design that we felt captured the quality of the experience we were going for


We built a fully-featured e-commerce website that extended our brand story. We wanted it to be easy to navigate and provide information to our customers about our watches

Reflections and Outcomes

1) The TimeKeeper campaign was fully funded on Kickstarter, sold to customers in over 60 countries, and continues to receive rave reviews. We've been featured in GQ, Yanko Design, Yahoo Finance, Cool Material, and more. In 2020, we launched a dive watch model called The Proteus

2) Through this project, I was able to immerse myself in the entire process of creating and manufacturing a product and building a brand, marketing it, and sustaining it. I enjoyed the process of creating a physical product and crafting the accompanying digital story that helped sell the product. I learned a lot about exploring the synergies between industrial design and product design and how the physical and digital come together to tell a compelling brand story


Princewill Esekhile - Cofounder
Spencer Nelson - Photography




Crafting a simple, bold digital home for our wedding